I Get It. I Get You. Why Can I Say That With Confidence? Because I’ve Been There, Done That, Got the T-Shirt, Lived to Tell the Tale, and am Now Flourishing. I’m Shining.

I spent most of my career working in the exciting, stressful and deadline-driven fields of advertising and public relations, including more than a decade with a major global financial services firm.

In 2005, I was presented with a precious “if not now, when?” moment: my corporate job was eliminated.  As I recovered from the shock,  I worked with a wonderful coach who helped me see I could turn my long-dormant passion for health and nutrition into a meaningful career.

That led me to enroll in the Institute for Integrative Nutrition’s year-long program for Health Coaches, and I was certified by the American Association of Drugless Practitioners. I spent years successfully coaching people on how to achieve balance in their lives, perhaps for the first time ever, by exploring their relationship with food, lifestyle and health in a safe, mindful manner. I taught cooking classes, gave lectures, demos, guided clients one-on-one, the works. Big fun, great results, but the ground was shifting under my feet yet again.

I realized I needed to make a major change in my personal life, and after much time, counseling and soul-searching, became single again after 20+ years.

Since I hadn’t dated since the pre-Internet Clinton Administration I realized I had a great deal to learn about the current state of love and relationships. And, I had to dig deep about who I was and what I wanted at this new stage of my life. I “nerded out” and read everything I could about meeting and mating, especially as it relates to midlife women. Again, I sought the counsel of wise mentors. And I went on a few wacky dates … and many awesome ones too, meeting wonderful, high integrity, relationship-focused men. I learned so much about men, dating, and myself in the process.

Two of the biggest a-ha realizations from this exploration have been:

  • Dating — especially online dating —  is an exercise in personal growth
  • Many strong, successful, independent midlife women need guidance and encouragement to figure it out and succeed (men, of course, need help too, but they learn very differently!)

I began to take what I learned, systematize it, and re-orient my coaching practice to serve women over 50 who are looking to bring love into their lives … after all, it’s all food! And life can be delicious, at any age.  I love this work because I’ve been where you are. I wake up every day excited to share my experience and learning with motivated women who are ready to shine.

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